Manage change effectively


Get the systems and staffing you need

Facing a transition? BDO FMA can work with you to fill a vacancy, leverage a transition, or fully restructure your finance office.

While an unexpected vacancy can feel like a crisis, leadership transitions can be leveraged as part of broader organizational transformation. Savvy organizations will seize this moment as an opportunity for reflection and strategic refinement, taking the time to review infrastructure and practices, consider staffing arrangements, and make software upgrades. ​

At other times, your organization is stable and preparing for a long-term absence or transition in a financial management role.  You just need someone to keep things running smoothly as you search for the right permanent solution.


Work with BDO FMA

Our consultants have been there. Former CFOs, Directors of Finance, Controllers, Program Directors as well as auditors, coaches and educators, our team has collectively carried out nearly every organizational or grantmaking role there is. We have weathered transitions and been the calm voice in the room to help organizations weather crisis situations and navigate every stage in their life cycle. ​

Keep the trains running

If your organization is in a stable situation, but anticipating the departure or leave of absence of a finance leader, BDO FMA can step into the gap. You can count on BDO FMA for a highly-qualified and experienced nonprofit financial management leader who can keep the lights on and trains running smoothly, so you can focus on an unhurried search for your new CFO or Controller. Our interim management consultants can also work with you to identify areas of priority for the new permanent staff or tweaks to current structure, to support a smooth onboarding process. Filling a vacancy with an interim leader provides you with:

  • Uninterrupted, quality accounting services
  • Continued stability within your organization
  • Vital support for your accounting staff and management team during a time of change
  • Appropriate supervision for accounting staff per your organization’s norms – including accountability for deadlines and quality of work
  • Support for a successful transition to your permanent solution
Leverage a vacancy

Want to use a transition to assess how things are working and make course corrections? Our transitional advisory services work with you to find the right way forward as you improve or redefine your organization’s accounting.

You may not be sure what you need, so we can start with an assessment of current accounting practices that might include structure, systems and staffing.

Or you may be in a crisis and need triage first. We hope it’s not the case, but we have walked many nonprofit leaders through painful, unexpected, or otherwise difficult changes, quickly assessing priorities and providing the right financial management support for each step of the way out.

Besides keeping the lights on, our experienced nonprofit finance professionals will help you develop a prioritized workplan to strengthen your operations, and may even support the hiring process for permanent staff.

Whether you’re launching a new c4, rolling off a fiscal sponsor, or considering other major operating model transitions, we can help you think through essential financial and operational considerations, support you in making decisions that support your goals, and ultimately work with you to design and implement the finance function you need.

Available BDO FMA support covers software selection, chart of accounts set-up, staffing plan and job descriptions, PEO selection, auditor selection, everything to get you ready to roll as an independent 501(c)(3).