A New Website for BDO FMA!

It has been more than a year since we announced our combination with BDO to become BDO FMA, and we are pleased to share that we have launched a new website that reflects our expanded mission, our growing team, and BDO’s continued commitment to providing accessible resources to the entire nonprofit and philanthropic sector. You have reached this new website at bdofma.com.

BDO and BDO FMA collectively serve thousands of nonprofit organizations and the funders that support them across the country, so we understand intimately where their needs and interests diverge and where they overlap. The new site puts nonprofits first, highlighting our solutions to common operational challenges right up front. But we’ve also been thoughtful about how our new website should reflect the depth and breadth of the services we provide to our grantmaking partners. We’ve gathered those in a section of the site linked here.

We hope you’ll agree that this new site is emblematic of our continuing commitment to building a community of leaders with the confidence and skills to lead organizations that change the world. We are gratified to count you among the members of that community, and we hope you will reach out if we can be of assistance as you make progress on your mission.

The BDO FMA team